StanceBeam announces Indian batsman Shikhar Dhawan as the face of the brand

New Delhi, India, November 13, 2019 –

Shikhar Dhawan, the star Indian opener, launched StanceBeam’s flagship product, the StanceBeam Striker, a smart cricket bat sensor in Delhi today. The StanceBeam Striker brings technology innovation to cricket as an Internet of Things (IoT) device providing useable, real-time and instant 360-degree batting performance data analytics to players and coaches, through an iOS and Android-enabled mobile app.

The StanceBeam Striker can be placed on any cricket bat, turning a regular bat into a smart tech device. The sensor analyses bat speed, 3D swing analysis, Power factor and Shot Efficiency, enable capture of Smart Videos, all in real-time.

“The collaboration between sports and technology has a promising future as it enhances the performance of the player by helping them understand their techniques and be innovative by making informed decisions. Our product equips both players and their coaches, with knowledge and insights into techniques so that they can improve their game.  StanceBeam Striker will be a great coaching tool as it provides instant feedback giving everyone a chance to become a better batsman” shared Arminder Thind, Founder & CEO, StanceBeam during the inauguration.

Conceptualised, designed and manufactured in India, the product has been tested by one of the premier Science Institutes, I3D Lab at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and has shown 98-99% accuracy in the sensor’s shot analytics. “This hasn’t stopped our R&D team from working tirelessly to improve it further, add new features and deliver only the best”, quoted Arminder.

Further revealing that Shikhar Dhawan would be the face of the brand, Mr. Thind shared, “Shikhar Dhawan was our first choice, considering his penchant for technique and innovation, that has been demonstrated time and again on the field. We are excited about the partnership and looking forward to making cricket an exciting game.”

Shikhar Dhawan, who launched the product, shared further, “I found StanceBeam to be a perfect fit for what I believe in, which is to get our technique right in the game. They are one of the early innovators of technology that will change the way cricket performance is monitored. Moreover, the fit is so perfect that one doesn’t feel like there is another device on the handle of the bat. I have personally used StanceBeam and it has convinced me on the power of analytics to measure consistency of my game play”

He went on to talk about the benefit of that for the current generation of aspiring crickets and said, “In an era where the game is changing rapidly in all formats, youngsters are expected to correct their technique right at the beginning. I believe StanceBeam will be an ideal choice for any aspiring cricketer who is looking to improve and make a difference to their game. I am happy to be associated with them and look forward to an exciting innings together”.

StanceBeam is looking to collaborate with Cricket federations, franchise and academies to bring the technological innovation to as many aspiring cricketers as possible.

Currently, the product can be purchased from

About StanceBeam Striker:

An award-winning flagship product, StanceBeam Striker is a powerful, motion-intelligent, plug and play device that makes a bat ‘smart’, transforming it into a personal assistant by providing personalized & real-time performance analysis data.  

About StanceBeam:

Started in 2017 – StanceBeam has quickly become a leader in the connected sports market, focusing on bringing technology into the game of cricket – which is still regarded as one of the most traditional sports in the world today.  StanceBeam is focused on bringing real-time analytics to the game of cricket through groundbreaking technological advancements to a game that is breaking the mould in terms of participation and viewer engagement.

From their R&D center at Headquarters in Bangalore India – StanceBeam team is focused on developing innovation that will benefit every cricket player.  StanceBeam technology is regarded as best in class and in their short history, have already received industry recognition and awards for technological innovation. They are funded by Government of Karnataka, India.

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