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StanceBeam is leader in Sports Wearable technology and partners with some of the biggest sports and wearable brands worldwide.


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StanceBeam's Advantages

Add StanceBeam technology to your Sports and Fitness solutions.

Deeper Insights

Deeper Insights

Shorten Development Cycle

Shorten Development Cycle

Higher Accuracy

Higher Accuracy

Wider Range of New Solutions

Wider Range of New Solutions

Powered By StanceBeam (StanceOS)

StanceBeam sports analytics algorithms are considered one of the most accurate in the category.

Smart Watch and Wearables

Using the current hardware capabilities of your device, provide your customers with access to their key Performance Metrics for Sports and Fitness. Also, provide customers with Gamification Experiences and Entertainment - sports based interactive games and fan engagement experiences.

Smart Watch and Wearables
Smart Sports Equipment

Smart Sports Equipment

When you enable your customers track sports training, you give them insights they can use to make changes and get better. The StanceOS makes it possible for Sports Equipment Brands to launch their new lines of smart equipment with high-accuracy hardware and algorithms that are optimised for sports equipment and can automatically track performance.

Sports Video Analytics

For years, videos have been the method of choice for evaluating players' performance in sports. StanceOS AI and Cloud enabled technology easily integrate with your Web or App based solutions and allows your customer to record videos more efficiently and get more insights from videos.

Sports Video Analytics

We support you every phase of the partnership


Assistance in innovation, features description and optimization of hardware (IMU sensor, GPS and Camera) towards optimal data quality, biomechanics and biometric accuracy and coverage.

Sensor Data Management

Firmware with sensor fusion and other data filtration to maximise accuracy and performance within the device at the lowest payloads and power consumption.


To Extract key biomechanics, biometrics, health data and calculate a range of sports, fitness and health metrics.

Software and APIs

To implement Edge and Cloud custom solutions to collect and collate data, AI/Machine Learning Pipelines and Insights for easy interpretation of Sports, Fitness and Health data, API ecosystem for partner integrations.

Testing and Validation Support

We work with leading research institutes to validate our algorithms for accuracy and usability. We will also provide you with the test cases to assess the algorithm implementation of your product and successful implementation.

Customer Education

You'll get access to educational content that can be used to help your customers understand the StanceOS powered features better.

Marketing Support

We will help you with marketing materials to ensure our features are communicated to your customers the right way.

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