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StanceBeam Cricket Coaching App Features

Smart Video

Smart Video mode to record and trim video in StanceBeam App

Smart Video mode records and trims 4-second video automatically as you play each shot. For instance, if you play 100 shots during your training session, the app will automatically capture 100 video clips, including a few frames immediately before and after each shot.
This wonderful feature reduces the need to waste time reviewing video of an entire session that contains unnecessary pauses between shots. Additionally, you won't have to worry about your training video filling too much memory on your phone, as the App will automatically upload videos to the cloud, where they can be accessed from any device, and will continue to clear up the phone's storage.

Live Stats

Live Stats with 11 metrics tracking StanceBeam Cricket Coaching App

The Live Stats mode allows you to track 11 Shot metrics with high accuracy and in real-time. Bat Speed, Bat Angles, Power, and Shot Efficiency are among the key shot metrics gathered for each shot. Coaches and players can use these metrics to better evaluate batting technique, strengths, and areas for improvement under various playing conditions, as well as benchmark data and track progress over time.

Manual Recording

Manual Recording Mode to record your batting and bowling sessions

Manual Recording Mode lets you record your sessions, whether you're batting or bowling, and save them to the cloud. The StanceBeam Striker doesn't need to be used for this, so players and coaches can record any kind of sports activity without having to use it. Videos that have been recorded can be used by the coach for review and self-assessment, all in the same app.

3D Shot Recreation

3D Shot Recreation in the App to see the flow of batting

A 3D simulation depicts bat flow and the path of your bat from the back lift to the follow-through, delivering a 360° view of each shot. It also shows the angle at which Bat made an impact with the ball. As a result, you can examine your shots from any angle. Furthermore, 3D mode displays Shot Stats (Speed, Timing, and so on).

Session Summary

Session summary with a brief of your whole session in the StanceBeam App

The session summary provides a brief snapshot of your game and waggon wheel. It displays the total number of shots played, the number of misses, the Max Bat speed, the Max Impact Speed, and the Max Power during the session.

Session Insights

Session Insights to analyze your game easily with data

Session Insights makes analyzing your game and data easy.

Overall summary gives an overview of the entire session. It tells you whether you played an attacking, defensive, or powerful session. It explains how you time your shots during the session, your hit percentage, and the kind of shots you played. It also gives session speed and angle graphs so you can observe how consistent your technique is.

Insight is also divided into vertical and horizontal shots, making it simple to assess the game for different shot kinds.

Session Reports

Session Reports with detailed performance of players

Session reports give you detailed information on how the player performed. It includes the player's stance, type of shots played, consistency of those shots, body positioning and much more. These reports (with graphs and charts) make data easier to understand, learn and improve your game.

Session Comparison

Compare Different Cricket Sessions In The App

Session Comparison lets players assess their performance by comparing their stats with friends, fellow players, elites and legends like Shikhar Dhawan! Compare your metrics with their consistency levels, and improve your game, every day.

Highlight Creation

Highlight Creation to share your finest shot directly from the StanceBeam App

With the Highlight feature (currently available only on Android), you can select your finest shots and create a highlight video within the app, which you can share with your friends, coaches, and on social media.

Cloud Storage

Unlimited cloud storage to upload your sessions

StanceBeam provides you with unlimited cloud storage, where you can upload your sessions. Both coach & player can access all the sessions and will not affect local storage on your phone. Enabling you to look at your sessions anytime & anywhere.

StanceBeam Cricket Coaching App Premium Features

Multiplayer Addition

Add, manage, and monitor multiple player accounts in the StanceBeam App

With a Premium Coach account, Coaches can add, manage, and monitor multiple player accounts. This enables coaches to directly oversee their players and track their progress over time using a single Coach account. Coach can add a new player to his coach account by entering the player's name and email address. This sends an invitation to a player to join the Coach network. When a player accepts an invitation, the coach has access to all of the sessions he has played on StanceBeam, and the coach can share feedback and drills after analyzing the sessions.

Coach Feedback

Coach Feedback feature in StanceBeam App

Coaches feedback allows you to greatly impact player's improvements by rating your players on every aspect of their technique, giving meaningful feedback to players using Audio/Text notes.

Cricket Video Analytics & Editing Software

Cricket Video Analytics & Editing in the StanceBeam App

Coaches can use in-app video analytics and editing to analyze videos in slow-motion replay and draw on video with lines and shapes to clearly demonstrate their points. You may visibly highlight your players' strengths and weaknesses to get their buy-in for areas for improvement, and you can provide critical feedback before and after each session.

Drill Assignment

Feature to add Drill Assignment in the StanceBeam Cricket Coaching App

Each Cricket coach has his or her own coaching philosophy and technique. Coaches can use My Drills to record and upload their own drills (there are also existing sets of drills already available in the app). Coaches can then assign these drills to specific players based on the changes they want to make to the player's technique. Drills that are uploaded are kept in the cloud and do not take up space on your phone.