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COD Available (India Only) | 7 Day Return (India Only) | 1 Year Warranty

Shikhar Dhawan holding a bat with StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor

StanceBeam Striker for Cricket Players


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Coin Size & Light Weight Striker

Coin Size & Light Weight

Easy Installation and Replaceable Bat Grip

Easy Installation & Replaceable Bat Mount

Unlimited Cloud Storage in StanceBeam App

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Installing StanceBeam Striker on Cricket Bat
More than 90% Accurate

>98% Data Accuracy*

Upto 6 Hours of Playtime

Upto 6 Hours of Playtime

1 Year Warranty of StanceBeam Striker

1 Year Warranty

StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor

The "StanceBeam Striker" is the industry's most accurate Cricket Bat sensor. Designed to fit on top of any cricket bat and connect wirelessly to a mobile app. StanceBeam Striker is designed to provide you with real-time feedback and insights on your Bat Swing, Bat Speed, Bat Angles Power and Shot Efficiency. It takes your game to the next level with accurate metrics, video highlights, and valuable insights, used by the best Cricket coaches and players in the world. The data collected by the sensor can be viewed on the StanceBeam app in real-time and is stored on the cloud. It comes with Replaceable Bat Mounts for easy installation on any cricket bat and a locking key to make sure that the Striker remains locked securely inside the Bat Mount.

Validated By IISc Bangalore

*Validated by IISc Bangalore

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How to Use StanceBeam Striker - Cricket Bat Sensor

StanceBeam Striker on the top of bat handle

Install StanceBeam Striker on the top of the handle of your Bat

Download the StanceBeam App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

StanceBeam Cricket Coaching App Available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store
Signup on the StanceBeam Cricket Coaching App and Connect your StanceBeam Striker

Signup on the App and Connect your StanceBeam Striker

Play your first Smart Session and receive Real-time Data to Improve your Game

Real time data on StanceBeam App

How Our Cricket Bat Wearable Adds Value to Your Training

Three Easy Modes Designed as per Your Training Needs

Smart Video, Live Stats and Video Recording Modes in StanceBeam App
  • Smart Video: Automatic AI-driven recording of video clips from any angle using a smartphone
  • Live Stats: Capture 11 automated and real-time batting metrics
  • Manual Video: Record videos of your players game using a smartphone and save them online

Track Key Swing Metrics

Track Bat Speed, Power, Back-lift, Downswing and Follow-Through Angle in StanceBeam App

Capture 11 unique batting metrics in real-time

  • Maximum Bat Speed
  • Bat Speed at Impact
  • Power Generated
  • Back-lift Angle
  • Downswing Angle
  • Follow-through Angle
  • Efficiency
  • Time to Impact
  • Back-lift Direction Angle
  • Downswing Direction Angle
  • Bat Face Angle

Detailed Insights and Wagon Wheel for Each Session

Detailed Wagon Wheel For Every Session in StanceBeam App
  • Get a detailed wagon wheel on how you have performed in every session. Find important stats like your stance, type of shots played, consistency of those shots, body positioning and much more. These reports (with graphs and charts) make data easier to understand, learn and improve your game.

Connect With Coaches for Personalized Feedback and Drills

Coach Feedback on StanceBeam App
  • Coach feedback allows a coach to rate players on every aspect of their technique. Coaches can give feedback to their players by drawing over their sessions videos using shapes and lines. Coaches can also give personalized feedback with the our voice note feature.

Compare Progress and Sessions

Compare Your Cricket Sessions In StanceBeam App
  • Session Comparison lets players assess their performance by comparing their stats with friends, fellow players, elites and legends like Shikhar Dhawan! Compare your metrics with their consistency levels, and improve your game, every day.

Don't Take Our Word for It! We Trust Our Customers

Read below to see what coaches, players and parents are saying about StanceBeam Striker!

StanceBeam Striker Review By Adam Jones, Cricketer, Auckland

"The feedback is instantaneous. We can quickly evaluate our performance during a training session and carry on. We don't need to change our bat grip!"

Adam Jones

Cricketer, Auckland

What You Get In the StanceBeam Box

Locking Key, StanceBeam Striker, Bat Mount and Charging Cradle In StanceBeam Box

Locking Key

Lets you lock
the sensor
into place
and remove it
for charging.

StanceBeam Striker

A unique motion
sensor that captures
all the information
on your game and
connects with the
StanceBeam App.

Charging Cradle

Simple, lightweight
and portable.

Bat Grip

Slides over the handle of your cricket bat
and holds the sensor in place, this allows
any cricket bat to work with the striker.

Hardware Specifications

Hardware Components of StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor
Diameter 29 MM
Height 16 MM
Weight 10 Grams (without Bat Grip)
25 Grams (with Bat Grip)
Charging Time 3 Hours (Full Charge)
Run Time Upto 6 Hours (Single Charge)
Standby Time Upto 72 Hours
IPX Rating Splash & Dust Proof
StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor is CE certified StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor is RCM certified ICASA Certification
Charger Output 5V, 250mA
Connectivity Through Mobile Application