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StanceBeam Performance Management Solution

StanceBeam Cricket Analytics Solution for coaches to manage players performance

StanceBeam Cricket Analytics Solution allows all level of players and teams to make informed decisions by using Smart Cricket Bat Sensor, Video Analytics and Player Management System. StanceBeam Solution helps to collect performance data in a seamless way, store in the Cloud, offer both way feedback and communication between Coaches and Players.

Enhance Your Capabilities as a Coach

Three Easy Modes to Capture Video and Stats on Your StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor

Smart Video, Live Stats and Manual Video mode to capture performance of players
  • Smart Video: Automatic AI-driven recording of video clips from any angle using a smartphone
  • Live Stats: Capture 11 automated and real-time batting metrics
  • Manual Video: Record videos of your players game using a smartphone and save them online

11 Unique Bat Swing Metrics

Measure Bat Speed, Angles, Time To Impact and more unique metrics with StanceBeam Striker
  • Maximum Bat Speed
  • Bat Speed at Impact
  • Power Generated
  • Back-lift Angle
  • Downswing Angle
  • Follow-through Angle
  • Efficiency
  • Time to Impact
  • Back-lift Direction Angle
  • Downswing Direction Angle
  • Bat Face Angle

Analyze Insights and Trends on the Best Cricket Bat Sensor

Auto Insights and reports for players in StanceBeam App
  • Auto Insights and reports allow you to examine a player's game in detail.
  • Track progress using data and graphs. Consistency of technique, performance trends, and aspects for improvement are all instantly identifiable.

In-App Video Analytics and Feedbacks

Video Analytics and Feedbacks feature in StanceBeam Cricket Coaching App
  • Connect effectively with your players. Visually show them their strengths and weakness to obtain their buy-in for areas of growth, and share crucial feedback before and after every session using in-app video editing, feedback and drill assignment.

Access and Manage Multiple Player

Dashboard to manage and monitor multiple players
  • You can manage and monitor multiple players accounts with your coach account.
  • Keep your coaching staff, players and parents informed about their progress using management tools on the Mobile app and Web Dashboard.
  • Save all data on our free cloud storage so as to not be worried about safety, losing the data or filling up your own device storage.

Made for Way You Coach

One-on-One Coaching Using the StanceBeam Solution

One on One Coaching with Real Time Data In StanceBeam App
  • Intervention coaching with real-time data.
  • Replay videos for players to show what they have done right or wrong.
  • Don't miss out on key findings in long sessions.
  • Help benchmark player technique and keep a track of their progress

Watch how coaches use StanceBeam to coach efficiently and give personalized one on one training

Online Coaching with StanceBeam

Session Insights with Players data for coach
  • Players can share data and videos automatically with you on the cloud which can be accessed anywhere.
  • Keep a constant track of your players progress. Share feedback as text, audio or video drills which they can refer to in order to improve.

Watch how coaches use StanceBeam to coach players online during lockdown period

High-Performance Coaching

Real-time Insights for Better Coaching

Watch how coaches use StanceBeam to train elite players before cricket season begins

Coach & Team Pricing

StanceBeam Offers tailer made packages for Cricket teams Coaches

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Elite Academies and Clubs Adopting StanceBeam Solution

Watch how these academies are adopting StanceBeam Technology

Leicestershire County Cricket Club Using the StancBeam Striker

Leicestershire County Cricket Club is one of eighteen first-class county clubs within the domestic cricket structure of England and Wales

Twenty20 Community Cricket Ltd using the StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor

Twenty20 Community Cricket Ltd has been changing the cricketing lives of young people across Surrey and London

 JTCA Cricket Academy using the StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor

The JTCA Cricket Academy offers a variety of levels of cricket coaching, with highly qualified ECB cricket coaches, situated in Surrey, UK

Don't Take Our Word for It! We Trust Our Customers

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"With this technology, we were initially expecting some bugs but really it was straight up and running. The ability to get immediate feedback was excellent, plus it did not add any weight to the bat."

Graeme Beghin

Head Coach - Developing Future Aces, New Zealand