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StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor Validated By Scientists at IISc, Bangalore

Posted on March 4, 2019 at 08:50 AM

Scientific Validation of StanceBeam Striker Smart Cricket Bat Sensor

The Biggest question we receive here at StanceBeam is - How accurate is your sensor?

In a world where near enough isn't good enough - StanceBeam is one of only a small number of technology companies that actually had our products scientifically verified as part of our research and development process. For us, this was really important to build a product that was not only relevant but accurate.

In this article, we will take you through quickly how we verified the StanceBeam Striker - at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

The Test itself was performed at a local training center - but what was important was how we measured its accuracy. The gold standard for measuring movement is via a motion tracking system called OptiTrack Flex. This is a system that uses a series of cameras and motion sensors attached to the equipment. Imaging guys wearing morphsuits with those white balls attached - similar type of technology to what's used to create movement in the creation of video games. 9 of these reflective markers were attached to a cricket bat - which then relied on 6 motion-sensing cameras to measure all of the movements made by 7 different players during a net session. Attached to the bat was also the StanceBeam Striker Smart Cricket Bat Sensor. The verification process was basically comparing the data from the StanceBeam Striker APP - and the very expensive and technical OptiTrack Flex system. Throughout the session - everything was tracked, checked, verified, confirmed, discussed, and reported - all of which is a standard process in the Science World. We had every element of the StanceBeam striker measured - Backlift Angles, Downswing and Follow-Through angles, and Bat Speed - over and over and over and over and over again.

StanceBeam Striker Cricket Bat Sensor Backlift Angle Validation StanceBeam Striker Cricket Bat Sensor Downswing-Follow Through Angle Validation StanceBeam Striker Cricket Bat Sensor Speed Comparison with OptiTrack StanceBeam Striker Cricket Bat Sensor Angle-Time with OptiTrack

The Results of the test show that the StanceBeam Striker sensor estimates these elements to an average accuracy level between 99% and 98% consistently across the entire test. Many companies would be happy with these results and stop there - however, our R&D team works tirelessly every day to improve our sensors, add new product features and deliver a relevant and meaningful technology advancement to Cricket - we are cricket, we are technology, we are Stancebeam.

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