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StanceBeam Striker - Cricket Bat Sensor review by Graeme Beghin (Head Coach - Developing Future Aces)

Posted on March 25, 2019 at 11:07 AM

While speaking to Sky Sports, Graeme Beghin (Head Coach - Developing Future Aces, New Zealand) sharing first-hand feedback about StanceBeam Striker powered by Kookaburra. Key Takeaways:-

1. StanceBeam Striker is very user-friendly and Batters don't find any difference with the sensor installed on the handle of the bat. After downloading the app and connecting StanceBeam Striker with we're ready to take a session instantly.

2. As a coach, we are always very excited to use technology with players. It allows us to see data about the technique and make data relevant to the player.

3. StanceBeam data insights are as relevant for a young player (Speed, Power, Timing) as they are for an Elite (Bat angels, swing angels)

4. StanceBeam data insights are relevant for all formats of the Cricket game (T20, One Day, and Test Cricket)

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