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StanceBeam Striker - Cricket Bat Sensor Review by Adam Jones (Auckland U19 Cricketer)

Posted on March 25, 2019 at 11:02 AM

While speaking to Sky Sports, Adam Jones (Auckland U19 Cricketer) sharing his experiences about StanceBeam Striker powered by Kookaburra. Key Takeaways:-

1. Players don't get to see the technology side of sessions most of the time, but with StanceBeam Striker now every player can monitor each and every swing in real-time.

2. It's awesome to see swing stats coming very fast over the app so we don't have to wait during the session.

3. It's very important that StanceBeam Striker doesn't disturb your batting style. It is almost invisible on your bat while taking a session yet a very powerful piece of technology.

4. For me, the bat speed and the power generated during the swing is very related, with StanceBeam Striker I would know where my execution is going wrong and I can concentrate on the actual problem with my execution.

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