Some of the reasons why Sensor will not capture swings are:

  1. There is threshold Bat Speed limit set for StanceBeam Striker to identify Bat swings. The threshold is minimum speed 14 Km/Hr for Standard bat and a minimum of 10 Km/Hr with Bat Size 1.  Any swing with lower speeds than the threshold will not be accounted as a Bat Swing but treated a slow defended shot or Bat tapping.
  2. StanceBeam Striker may also miss detecting a Swings if the distance between Sensor and connected Mobile is more than 20 meters. StanceBeam sensor is designed to work efficiently a with-in range of 20 meters.
  3. One of the reason could be that you have installed the sensor in opposite direction on Bat or it is not properly aligned to the spine of the bat. Make sure the Mount and device marking is aligned towards the spine of the bat (back side). Check this video to know how to install and align the sensor to the spine of the bat –
  4. StanceBeam Striker detects swing with a gap of minimum 6 seconds between each swing. In case you are taking swings at a faster pace (less than 6 seconds), swings may get missed.

You can try the following steps for any swing capture issues:

    1. Charge the device till LED starts blinking white.
    2. Put the device in the mount. Make sure the markings on device and mount are aligned towards the spine of the Bat.
    3. If App has not captured any swing, then kill the app and open again.
    4. Connect the device.
    5. Take Pitch Orientation. If the LED starts blinking blue then the device is working fine.
    6. Start session.
    7. Take a swing.

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