You can manage your bat details from the “Play” or “Profile” screens. We currently have added few brands and models in our database which you can select from if you are using Bat from these brands. Otherwise you can add your bat details by filling the Add bat form.

In case of custom bat, you can add details by selecting “custom bat”

From Play Screen:

Click on plus (+) icon in the Bat details on “Play” screen if you have not added any bat earlier or list icon.

  1. Select Brand, Model of the Bat you are using and enter name of your bat.
  2. StanceBeam app automatically pulls the details depending on the model selected.
  3. If you have custom bat then select Custom bat from the drop down menu and enter weight and height of the bat and click “Save Bat”.

From Profile Screen:

  1. Go to profile screen by selecting “Profile” from menu.
  2. Click on bats list icon.
  3. List of all added bats is displayed. You can delete or add new bat from this screen.
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