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The Science of Creating Consistent Power for your Cricket Shots powered by StanceBeam Striker - Cricket Bat Sensor

Posted on January 22, 2019 at 06:13 AM

StanceBeam Shot Power

We've all been in a situation where we've compared how hard we've hit a six against our mates….. but now we've actually got a way of comparing. Nothing feels better than hitting the ball to the boundary - but now there's a way to know how hard your hitting the ball - and overtime - am I getting stronger.

With the StanceBeam Striker - the unique 3D motions sensor is able to record exactly the output of your shots. What it measures is effectively the power output or watts, of how hard you've hit the ball.

Watts is the universal measure of power output - accordingly to our friend Sir Isacc Newton and his theory of relatively - the force in which one object is opposing against the other - or in language for us cricketers - how hard we've hit the ball.

Essentially, the higher the watts - the more energy created and the harder you've hit the ball.

A 60W lightbulb uses approximately 140W's of power per hour to run - so if we think about it - every time we hit a cricket ball we are creating a huge amount of power. What's a good score - well that's up to each batsman - what is important is that you see an increase in time, rather than the biggest number possible. And if all else fails, we just need to work out a way to harness all this energy from cricket training to do our bit for global warming.

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