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How You Can Improve and Measure Your Shot Efficiency With StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor

Posted on January 22, 2019 at 06:16 AM

Its all about efficiency what StanceBeam shot efficiency means to me

In Cricket - timing is everything. Ever since we first picked up a bat, we've always been taught the importance of timing a shot - but what exactly does timing or shot efficiency mean?

To have the ultimate timing of a cricket ball, your max bat speed should occur at the time you hit the ball. This is what coaches the world over have been training us to do - with countless hours in the nets hitting the ball. When you hit a ball - if you are swinging hardest at the point of connection - you have the ultimate shot timing.

The StanceBeam Shot efficiency metric is a representation of your timing % - with the highest score being 100 - or a 100% perfectly timed shot. How does it do this - well the StanceBeam App looks at two calculations from the Striker - Cricket Bat Sensor to work this out - The Max Bat Speed and the Bat Speed at point of impact. If these two numbers are aligned perfectly, and your may bat speed is occurring when you hit the ball - you receive 100% efficiency. If there is a gap between these two numbers - you've hit the ball without the best timing - and the shot efficient score will show what your shot timing is out of 100.

Remember - timing is everything in cricket. If you notice that your timing isn't at 100% - here is a great VLOG from our friends at cricket mentoring that covers batting techniques in one vlog - which might be able to not only help your timing but help your overall game

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