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How Technology has Affected the Game of Cricket

Posted on January 10, 2023 at 02:06 PM

Cricketers and Their Academies

Cricket is a much-loved sport across the globe, especially in India. Cricket is all-encompassing whether you're watching it live on the ground or on television. We cricket fans enjoy every moment and aspect of the game, and the sport has kept us glued to our seats from the beginning till the end of the game.

During a World Cup game, different generations of the family come together and enjoy the game. Each generation has its way of celebrating or deciding during the intense part of the game, interpreting it, and much more. The game hasn't changed much in these years, but the tech used in the game is evolving and has made the game much more interesting.

Technology in cricket has been evolving, and these enhancements in tech have impacted the game and its decisions. Technology has been a boon for cricket and has significantly impacted the game in several ways. From player fitness, broadcasting, and equipment to coaching, every element of the game is now tech-enabled.

Some of the ways in which technology has affected cricket include:

  1. Improved Equipment: Materials science and manufacturing advances have led to better cricket equipment, such as lighter and stronger bats and protective gear.
    1. Smart bails have a microsensor and lights inside them which lights up when the ball hits the wickets or the bails. This tech has been a reliever to everyone from viewers to umpires to the players.
    2. Stump mic with camera which records video and audio on the front and back of the wicket. It has been a boon for the umpires in making their decision. Stump mic with camera
  2. Enhanced broadcasting and coverage: Technology has also transformed how cricket is broadcast and covered by the media. Television coverage has become much more sophisticated, using multiple camera angles, slow-motion replays, and interactive graphics.
    1. More advancements have been made in terms of broadcasting where you can see the Spidercam as a technology that has been rewarding for viewers and decision-makers in the game. It gives us a different perspective of the match as viewers and also gives multiple angles making sure the in-match decisions are taken accurately. Spidercam
  3. PitchVision: This technology helps the bowlers to know their ball length, pitching areas and leg position while bowling. It was introduced in 2007 and has been a helping hand for bowlers to improve upon. PitchVision
  4. Decision Review System (DRS): The DRS is a system that allows teams to challenge the on-field umpire's decision using technology such as Hawk-Eye, which uses multiple cameras to track the path of the ball and determine whether it would have hit the stumps. Decision Review System (DRS)
    1. Snickometer also called Snicko was introduced in 1990 and was one of the first technological advancements that changed the game by giving the third umpires an extra edge over their decisions. Snickometer
  5. Increased fan engagement: Technology has also helped to increase fan engagement with cricket. For example, fans can now access live scores, stats, and other information about their favorite teams and players through websites and mobile apps. Fans can also contest in a live contest and winners will be featured on live television and on the stadium screens.
  6. Analysis and training: Technology has also been used to help players improve their performance on the field. For example, players can use wearable technology to track their physical fitness and training progress, and coaches can use video analysis software to identify areas for improvement.
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Overall, technology has played a significant role in enhancing the experience of playing and watching cricket. It has helped improve the accuracy of decisions on the field, provided greater insight into the game, and improved how the sport is analysed and trained. It has also made it easier for fans to engage with the sport and each other.

We hope many young professionals, amateurs and grass root batters and coaches can make use of the StanceBeam Ecosystem to improve their batting!

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