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Unleash your Cricket Potential with StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor

Fit the best cricket bat sensor - the StanceBeam Striker to the top of your bat grip for data-driven insights that will help you improve your game and become the next Shikhar Dhawan!


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StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor is >98% Accurate and Validated by IISc Bangalore >98%

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Validated by IISc Bangalore

Most Accurate Cricket Bat Sensor - Validated by IISc Bangalore
Trusted By 20000+ Cricket Players 20000+

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Players Worldwide Trust StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor
Trusted By 200+ Academies 200+

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Join Us on the Journey of Shikhar Dhawan and StanceBeam!

Gabbar, the unchallenged force of batting has been a guiding light in integrating cricket and technology. Read what Shikhar Dhawan himself has to say about StanceBeam striker and its role in revolutionizing technology in cricket.

"StanceBeam is a new cricket bat sensor technology that you put on the cricket bat. It provides data about cricket bat speed and angles. It helps a player to get more details and clarity. The same goes for coaches as well - they can share this data with students and professionals. When I go for net practice, I always have the StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor on my bat. With the help of recorded videos, the StanceBeam app lets me know consistently which angle my bat is hitting at! The world is moving ahead and I enjoy embracing upcoming technology."

Signature of Shikhar Dhawan

Analyze Your Capabilities if You Are a Cricket Player

StanceBeam Cricket Coaching App With Advance Batting Stats and Video Analysis

With our Smart Cricket Bat Sensor and StanceBeam Mobile app, you can work out all aspects of the game, from the smallest mistakes that bother you on the field to the most frustrating weaknesses that have a significant impact on your game. Analyze your performance by using the most accurate data metrics and compare progress over time.

  • With advanced stats, you can keep track of your sessions in real time.
  • Auto record your game Videos and analyze it to gain a better understanding of it.
  • Benchmark your technique and compare your progress over time.
  • For individualized guidance, get in contact with the Best Cricket Coaches in the world.

Enhance the Coaching Experience

Improve Your Cricket Coaching With StanceBeam Video Analytics and Player Management system

StanceBeam Smart Motion Sensors, Video Analytics, and Player Management systems can have a significant impact on your players performance. The StanceBeam Solution becomes your Third Eye and allows you to capture performance data in a seamless manner, store it in the cloud, and enable you to provide your players Private, Group or online coaching.

  • Easily manage all of your athletes and gain access to their training data and videos.
  • Draw lines/shapes to illustrate a specific spot using video analysis and slow motion replay.
  • Provide feedback in the form of audio/text notes, and assign in-app Video Drills.

Helping Parents Pitch in to Motivate Kids

Videos and Report For Parents In StanceBeam Cricket Coaching App

Parents are their children's first coaches, and their joint support is vital both on and off the field. StanceBeam Cricket Bat Sensor helps you watch your child's progress, see them transform and gain confidence in their abilities.

  • Use data and statistics to visualize your ward's journey towards the success.
  • Watch them in action with Videos and reports.
  • Make your child's coaching experience more enjoyable.

Don't Take Our Word for It! We Trust Our Customers

Read below to see what coaches, players and parents are saying about StanceBeam Striker!

Reveiw of StancBeam Striker By Graeme Beghin, Head Coach of Developing Future Aces, New Zealand

"With this technology, we were initially expecting some bugs but really it was straight up and running. The ability to get immediate feedback was excellent, plus it did not add any weight to the bat."

Graeme Beghin

Head Coach - Developing Future Aces, New Zealand

Trusted by Academies and Clubs Worldwide

StanceBeam Striker Used by Guernsey Cricket

Guernsey Cricket Association is Associate member of the International Cricket Council

StanceBeam Striker Used by Leicestershire County Cricket Club

Leicestershire County Cricket Club is one of eighteen first-class county clubs within the domestic cricket structure of England and Wales

StanceBeam Striker Used by Central Sparks

Central Sparks is a sporting centre of excellence for high-performance professional female cricketers, situated in United Kingdom

StanceBeam Striker Used by CricKingdom

CricKingdom delivers high-performance cricket programs and creating an environment that supports coaches, athletes and teams throughout India and Singapore

StanceBeam Striker Used by Cricket Academy of Pathans

Cricket Academy of Pathans is the culmination of the dream of Irfan and Yusuf Pathan to build on their years of experience and achievements in international cricket and inspire cricket aspirants across our country

StanceBeam Striker Used by Sierra Leone Cricket Association

The Sierra Leone Cricket Association is the official governing body of cricket in Sierra Leone and is an Associate Member of the International Cricket Council

StanceBeam Striker Used by Karnataka Institute of Cricket

Karnataka Institute of Cricket, one of the finest cricket academy in Bangalore offers cricket training throughout the year

StanceBeam Striker Used by Just Cricket

Just Cricket offers numerous methods of training and coaching tailored to suit the need and the journey of a cricketer, situated in Bangalore

StanceBeam Striker Used by Twenty20 Community Cricket Ltd

Twenty20 Community Cricket has been changing the cricketing lives of young people across Surrey and London

StanceBeam Striker Used by Wellington Cricket Club

Wellington Cricket Club is one of the largest community sports clubs in Shropshire, Established in 1947

StanceBeam Striker Used by Young Gun Cricket

Young Gun Cricket provides innovative and modern cricket education to players of any ability and any age, situated in Australia

StanceBeam Striker Used by JT Cricket Academy

The JT Cricket Academy offers a variety of levels of cricket coaching, with highly qualified ECB cricket coaches, situated in Surrey, UK

StanceBeam Striker Used by Mumbai Cricket Club

Mumbai Cricket Club aims to provide the right guidance and higher level of coaching along with national and international exposure to the players

StanceBeam Striker Used by Karnataka Youth Cricket Academy

Karnataka Youth Cricket Academy has a mission to produce top quality cricketers and provide a nurturing platform for young and emerging talent, situated in Bangalore

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